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Welcome to Berry Farms EyeCare
Your Family Optometrist in Franklin, Tennessee

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Welcome to Berry Farms EyeCare. Dr. Jana Crim and her team are committed to helping you and your family see, look, and feel your best. As a mother of three busy boys, Dr. Crim knows that establishing good habits around eyecare can’t start soon enough. Her approach to vision wellness starts as early as infancy with our InfantSEE™ program that provides free comprehensive eye exams to children under age 1 at no charge. As your children develop, we make sure they are seeing clearly and processing visual information accurately. And for adults, we guide you through a lifetime of healthy vision conducting annual vision exams and prescribing the right lenses and eye care to match your lifestyle.

Whether the demand is school, sports, computer fatigue, or as simple as reading the menu, the health and wellness of your eyes matters. Not only will our team help you see more clearly with the right contacts or frames for you, we take great care in preventing ocular diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. We want to take excellent care of the gift you have been given – your vision. Nestled in the Berry Farms community of Franklin, Tennessee, Dr. Jana and the Berry Farms EyeCare team help you see beautifully.

Dr. Jana L. Crim
Franklin Optometrist | Berry Farms EyeCare | (615) 905-8190
40 Moss Ln, Ste 110
Franklin, TN 37064

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  • ""My college senior walked on over to Dr. Jana during spring break and they fixed him all up with a new prescription and contacts! And Mikki was awesome helping get him in when he was home during break. I don't think he will ever go to the beach again for break when he can get his eyes examined at BF Eyecare instead!!""
    Matt B.
  • ""So today was my turn. First time ever to consider contacts. Not only did Dr. Jana, Mikki and I laugh the whole appointment, but they got me set up and "trained" in putting in and taking out contacts. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks. They are just fantastic! Way to go Berry Farms EyeCare!!!""
    Matt B.
  • ""This place is amazing! I had an eye issue this morning and Dr. Crim saw me before they even opened for the day. The medicine I needed for my eye was sold out at Publix and she took the time to call many pharmacies for me. Talk about customer service! The space is beautiful and staff is friendly. I'm so excited they have joined the Berry Farms community and excited to not have to battle the Cool Springs traffic.""
    Rachel L.
  • ""Dr Jana is thorough! The staff is very friendly, the atmosphere is bright and airy. A nice, offering on glasses and sunglasses as well. Dr Jana patiently helped me today with contacts and Im very pleased! She offered additional assistance if I had in troubles after hours. Highly recommend Berry Farms EyeCare!""
    Jeremy T.
  • ""Stop in and visit Dr. Jana Crim @ her brand new location if you are in the market for eyewear or contacts lenses! I just went there and I am very pleased with my new glasses. Great staff, selection and fast service! Go and 'see' for yourself.""
    David D.
  • ""Dr. Jana and staff are awesome! They make me feel at home each time I visit. They are an asset to Berry Farms and the surrounding area. We will use them as long as they'll let us!""
    Cody W.
  • ""Fantastic experience all around. Grateful to have found them.""
    Mo T.
  • ""Love! Love! Love! Dr. Jana and Mikki not only helped me but they did a fabulous job giving my 6 month old his first eye exam. I've been in glasses for over 20 years and this was the best experience with an eye doctor I've ever had! The office is beautiful and you can tell they really care about their patients!""
    Kayla C.
  • ""Great service, great selection, awesome staff, beautiful office space- what more can you ask for?!?!""
    Betsy T.
  • ""I absolutely love my new glasses! And am so happy to be able to walk to my neighborhood eye doctor. Dr. Jana and her team are fabulous and got me seeing clearly!""
    Deb M.
  • ""Dr. Jana & her staff are courteous and very helpful. I had a terrific experience from start to finish; leaving with an order for 3 pairs of glasses as well. I was most impressed with what other had to say about their experience there and Dr. Jana's caring personality. The facility is beautiful inside as well. A+ across the board!""
    Stuart P.
  • ""Love Berry Farms EyeCare!! Just Fabulous!!""
    Jennifer J.
  • ""Berry Farms EyeCare was absolutely wonderful! I was able to get in quickly. They were so friendly and helpful. I will definitely be a returning patient and will recommend them to others""
    Danielle S.
  • ""My family had a fantastic experience at Berry Farms eye care!! The office is gorgeous and the staff was wonderful!""
    April B.
  • ""Dr.Jana provides a thorough examination and her staff are always so friendly!! Also, they have a fantastic selection of glasses for men and women. My husband and I both love visiting Dr.Jana at Berry Farms EyeCare!""
    Sabrina B.
  • ""I'm a new patient at Dr. Crim's office and I have to say that this was the most pleasant appointment I've ever had. The practice was clean and well put together as well as the service. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Crim ( and staff ). Well done!""
    William F.
  • ""Dr Crim and her staff are fabulous! Very friendly, no wait time, I received a thorough exam, and my contacts were quickly delivered to my home. The new office is gorgeous and very welcoming. Highly recommend Berry Farms EyeCare.""
    Ashley F.
  • ""Dr. Jana and her staff are amazing! The technology is also superb because I paid a little extra and didn't have to dilate my eyes but got a better picture on the overall health of my eyes. They have an amazing selection of frames and are so patient in helping you select the perfect pair.""
    Kelly B.
  • ""Great location, facility, staff, and selection. But most importantly, Dr. Crim is an outstanding optometrist who truly knows and cares about eye health.""
    John O.
  • ""Had the best time at Berry Farms EyeCare where my dear friend, Dr. Jana Crim, and her wonderful staff, hooked me up with the latest and greatest eyewear!!!! Wonderful experience!!""
    Karen P.
  • "Have been suffering from eye strain headaches. Just happened to read about Dr. Crim in an article. To say I am pleased I did is an understatement. From scheduling to the appt & f/up to get my glasses, everything especially the Dr was unbeatable. It's nice when you can tell someone cares & really wants to help. I am very pleased with my new glasses. If you haven't explored the businesses at Berry Farms, give this one a try. You won't regret it.
    **Review shortened due to space allotment**"
    Nicki R.
  • ""I was very impressed with the team at Berry Farms EyeCare, especially Dr. Jana Crim. I've been wearing glasses for 30 years, and this has been my best experience with an eye exam by much so that I reset my Google password so I could log in and write a review! The space is beautiful with top of the line technology, and more importantly, the supporting staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Dr. Crim is personal, relatable, kind, caring and a fantastic doctor. (To be honest, I wanted to stay for lunch and hang out with all of them after my visit!)""
    Stacey C.
  • ""I just have to say Dr Crim is Amazing!!!! I went in today with an eye issue and came out feeling healed. This will be my new eye doctor going forward!""
    Jessica M.

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